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​​SMOKING DRAGON is in the mountains and far from the trappings of Urban life... For the most part this is exactly why everyone chooses to spend time in this awesome location, BUT this also means you need to be well prepared. There’s always going to be something you forget. We sat down and put together our own comprehensive packing list of everything we think you should bring. 
Drivers, ID or passport. Your name on the ticket needs to correlate with your ID. Under 18’s need to be accompanied by an adult. Kids need ID's  too. 12 years and under get in for free... yay! We will ask for your ID at the bars, if we think that you are under age ... 

If you are a proper hippie you won’t be in need of anything. BUT for those people who want to do some retail therapy at the really cool flea market and slurp up carbohydrates and sugar (there are healthy options too) you will need to use the cashless wristband that you receive at the gate. There are charging stations where you can upload money. Please note that these are the only places where cash is allowed to be used. You can also use your credit cards at the charging stations.

NO you are NOT sleeping in our climbing cave! If you plan to camp you need a proper tent ...seriously guys. Oh and bring all the tent pegs... the amount of people that we watch floating off like Dorothy. Duct tape is useful for broken poles and ripped fabric...  and for restraining the overindulger in the party. We suggest a small padlock to lock the zips together, because no matter how fab everyone usually is at SMOKING DRAGON, there is always that one. Please note sleeping in cars is only allowed in the Campervan village. No vehicles are allowed in the campsites.... sooo dangerous. That includes quads and motorbikes. There are trails available... 

We prefer as few people as possible to bring cars along.... You can lower your carbon footprint by using the range of other options. Please check out the
TRANSPORT  page for ideas. If you are bringing a vehicle please use the correct parking bay set aside for you ( DAY VISITOR, GENERAL, VIP, GLAMPING, CAMPERVANS, STAFF, ARTISTS, VENDOR & LODGE ) Sadly those parked in the wrong place will have their car towed to the DAY VISITOR parking.

Day Pack
Seems obvious I know, but people always forget to bring a smaller day pack to carry stuff around. Walking from tent to stage can be a mission if you have to do it a zillion times a day. Also there are such amazing hikes and trail-runs to go on, bring a comfortable durable pack so you can leave your options open.

Camping Chair
You’re going to want to sit down with your friends without getting a soggy bottom or worse still... stood on. 

Flotation Device
We’ve seen festival wars as to who gets the lilo zt the RIPPLE ZONE... they are also fantastic for viewing the stars.... and I’m not referring to Mi Casa here. Remember the dam is not available after 18H00. Bring water pistols as well.... that is the only weapon that we allow.

Very important to find your way back to the campsite and to create fab jolly-hockey-sticks moments. We welcome beautiful flags .... Rainbow flags, Peace flags, Fun Flags. If we see any flags that represent oppressive regimes or display any kind of bigoted message, we will definitely remove them. In fact we will remove any people that behave in this manner as well.

Musical Instruments
Nothing nicer than seeing people making music together.... go on throw that cell phone in the dam and make those tunes yourself. Bring guitars, drums... whatever you fancy, but please be aware of what time of the night you decide to jam. You do have neighbours. Please NO amplified music ( this includes car stereos. )

Bin Bags
Useful for keeping your campsite clean and packing up those dirty clothes. Also, for putting your muddy wellies in for the journey home. Now that we are on the subject of rubbish... try and follow the labels on the bins. Please no garbage on the lands... cigarettes... aaargh... hectic things those butts. Gooi them in the tins we’ve made. We are TERRIFIED of fires... no lit stompies being flicked about ...  No kak except kak down the loo. 

Fishing Rod
Yes, our dams have fish but they will be in hiding during the festival. There are other fishing dams in this beautiful area. Those arriving  a day early will have a chance to catch something... 

Mountain Bike
Yes there are cool trails on site and around the area.... 

Water Bottle
While you may be thinking ‘I’ll just drink alcohol for five days straight,’ You’ll still need water, and carrying around a refillable bottle is the best way about it. Drinking water needs to be purchased as we struggle at this time of the year with fresh water, The water in the taps is from the dam. PLEASE if you are short of bucks bring some along.... 

Bring a raincoat for that storm I have told you about, and did I mention the hikes?

Sun Defence
When it rains it pours and when it is hot it BURNS. Bring along the full armoury... Sunblock, hats, rehydrate rehydrate (no... not with alcohol – we have discussed this!) Sunglasses (helps with hangovers too.)

Deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, tampons, condoms, contraceptives, shampoo - If you’re on special medication, don’t forget it. There is a shop on hand to pick up those long forgotten items but clearly not those specific meds. PLEASE PLEASE use biodegradable cosmetics. Think of those fish in our dams and river, think of the sensitive wetland .... No condoms, tampons etc down the loos....

Loo Roll
For everything sticky... except situations. Please don’t nick the ones in the loo. Also no wet wipes... they contain nasty plastic resins which do not biodegrade and make their way to the sea.

We cannot believe how many people don’t bring a torch along. Candle in the wind... different concert. Probably best to get a head torch, that way you’ve got your hands free for holding your beer and your cherrie.

Nobody cares what label you are wearing at a festival. BUT sore feet can ruin your time. Especially when you feel like dancing. No place for stilettos unless you are MX BLOUSE on the stage in the PINK TENT. Bring good walking shoes ( again you could end uphiking ) add a pair of WELLIES, for the New Year thunderstorm. We get one EVERY year, it is now a tradition.

Another pretty obvious one. You need to eat, right? Dry snacks are always a good shout, things like cereal bars. There are great food stalls but again if you can’t afford EVERY meal being a gourmet one... make a plan. Try and help the old liver along with some solids.

No open fires will be allowed. Gas skottles are fine. PLEASE don’t leave gas bottles in hot tents or cars... they explode. No Chinese laterns, don’t throw those cigarette butts around.

If you bring your own just remember, our liquor licence does not allow the consumption of alcohol ( purchased off site ) in our bars and stage areas. Drink responsibly, don’t be the one that everyone else had to babysit... you’ll definitely be avoided at midnight on the 31st or worse still duct - taped in your tent. Bring along rehydration sachets if you could not help yourself and went overboard, it’ll help the next day. PLEASE NO GLASS ... its savage to bare feet. Plastic containers and bottles must be recyclable and taken home with you. 

Mary Jane

Yes you are allowed weed but only enough for personal consumption ( about 115 grams. ) Dagga is not allowed to be smoked in public spaces and the lodge doesn’t allow smoking in the rooms... so that leaves zipping yourself into your tent or campervan ... or going for a private wander to the big tree.

Ridiculous Clothing
Everyone wants to look the part when they’re at SMOKING DRAGON so remember to pack the silly hat.